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Interview With UNIA-ACL Pres-General, Cleophus Miller Jr.

Greetings from the President . ... .

Greetings from the President Greetings: As I am sitting here at my desk, my mind takes me back in history to the day when our ancestors were brought to this country and other parts of the world on ships or boats. They didn’t know there a destination or even why they were being taken away from their homes. History speaks of all the hardships, trials and tribulations they had to endure. But they never gave up. There was always that desire to fight for their freedom, the right to just be treated as human beings, to be able to just live, take care of themselves and their family. They developed a common bond out of necessity between themselves, no matter what tribe they were from and it didn’t matter what price they had to pay.

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They paid for it, even with their lives. Because of their fight, desire and determination to succeed, other great leaders of our race have continued that fight for freedom, equality, and justice. To be treated like equals over the years.

About ninety years ago, the Right Excellent Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey founded the UNIA and ACL. An organization that, in less than ten years of its existence, changed forever, how people of other races of the world, would look upon us as a race of people. By simply telling, showing, and giving racial pride and dignity to over four hundred million Negro people of the world. The Right Excellent Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey said: “God and nature first made us what we are and then out of our own created genius, we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement. All of us may not live to see the higher accomplishment of an African Empire-so strong and powerful, as to compel the respect of mankind, but we in our life-time can so work and act as to make the dream a possibility within another generation.”

Today, because of the work of the Right Excellent Marcus Garvey and members of this Great Association, we have indeed seen a change. Some parts of Africa have become sovereign, we have seen African Presidents and African people in high places of government. We even have an African American President here in the United States of America. The torch has now been pasted on to us, as members of the UNIA & ACL we have an opportunity to make our mark in history, by continuing the fight through the vision of our founder the Honorable Marcus Garvey and UNIA member the world over. There is still room for change. As long as any member of our race of people, suffer injustice in our communities. Be it in areas of poverty, education, finances, or for any reason inflicted on us by other races of people, we have work to do. The United States, Great Britain, China, and many other countries are constantly stealing and robbing our Mother Land of her heritage and wealth. Saying they are only there to help Africans with the development of their country, while still trying to keep them under a colonial dictatorship. Our Mother Land, Africa, is calling for us. Not to come home to rule or govern them, but to come home and work for hand and hand with them, aiding them in survive in their own country.

We Negro here in the United States have the knowledge and training and our Mother Land has the resources. All around us, there is an air of change, we as a people must begin to change the paradigm of old. We must begin to bridge the gap between our African race of people at home and abroad. Mother Land Africa is calling us, we as a people being of good Honor, Integrity and Character, must put all of our differences and ego aside and come to her aid. If not now, when? let's take the ship back home. We are the next generation of Garveyites, through the grace of God, teamwork, good leadership, dedication, determination, and hard work. We can continue to make a difference in the lives of our race of people and mankind, by rebuilding and making the UNIA and ACL even greater than it was before. “UP YOU MIGHTY RACE ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU WILL” Cleophus Miller, Jr. President General

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