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Darryl L. Williams

Darryl L. Williams, host of TEAM DLW UNITY MOVEMENT - Sunday, 5p EST .. . .

Darryl L. Williams, founder, and CEO of TEAM DLW UNITY MOVEMENT where they focus on EDUCATING, ELEVATING and MOTIVATING people to a higher level of consciousness and awareness in order to empower and uplift communities around the world. In addition to the above, Darryl is the president of the Cleveland Chapter Division #133, Universal Negro Improvement Association.

“Recently, we were afforded a very unique opportunity that would position us to make a significant mark in history. After 400 hundred years, in February 2020 (Black History Month), we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Red, Black and Green Flag for Black People Worldwide. The Universal Negro Improvement Association breathes life back into the pride of our people via Black heritage and development.”


As an organization, we provide our communities with vocational skills, business opportunities, and youth programs. We are collaborating with The EXODUS ALLIANCE, Kings and Chiefs from the Central Region of Ghana, Africa. (They give LAND, for free, to African Descendants.) (#unia #dlw #team-dlw)

We also have investment opportunities with The Asebu / Cleveland Juice Business. It is in the beginning stages of development.

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